Nef Garcia, PhD

New Frontiers Charter School Board Member

Dr. Nef Garcia - New Frontiers Charter School Board Member

Offering twenty years’ experience in academia and eight years of executive experience in government service. Poised, polished, and seasoned professional.

Achieved full-professor status at St. Mary’s University, Department of Political Science. Taught a wide range of courses including introductory, upper-divisional, and graduate courses. Teaching concentrations in Constitutional Law, State and Local Politics, and Ethnic Politics. Engaged in all aspects of university governance including Chair of two academic departments, Graduate Council, Faculty Senate, Graduate · Advisor, Undergraduate Advisor, Pre-Law Advisor, Student Organization Advisor, University Student Recruitment Committee, University Search Committee, Curriculum Revision Committee, Accreditation Committee. Research and published in selected areas of scholarly interest. Testified before Legislative Committees on Voter Registration laws.

As Chief of Organizational Development and Resources, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, had oversight responsibility for budget preparation, negotiation, and expenditures ($58 Million), Personnel Department (1500+ employees), Business Office, Fleet Maintenance, Inmate Trust, and Data Processing. As Chief of intergovernmental Relations, represented the Sheriff in county government and state agencies. Advised the Sheriff on policy formulation and procedures. Wrote grants for federal funding.

As Owner and President of Garcia & Associates, I have done consultant work with the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office in preparing proposals for a new county detention facility. I have worked with MexicoNorth Research Network, Inc. to facilitate collaborative research projects with U.S. and Mexico universities, research institutes, and museums. I am also assisting in creating fundraising opportunities with that organization.


Doctor of Philosophy, Political Science/Sociology, The University of North Texas, 1975.
Master of Arts, Political Science, St. Mary’s University, 1970.
Bachelors Degree, Political Science/Philosophy, St. Mary’s University, 1968.